As we delve into the past of Turkish Cinema, we encounter a history full of obscurity and uncertainties, as told by film critics / cinema historians. The purpose of this project is to reveal the wrongly or incompletely known "firsts" in Turkish Cinema. Taking the documents produced by cinema historians as starting points, we aimed to fill in the gaps by scanning the newspapers and magazines of various periods, searching for the missing parts to reach the whole truth, or to clarify some of the controversial issues. In our film, focusing on the early period of Turkish cinema (1896-1922) which is mostly unknown, we brought to light many unknown documents after going through the Ottoman archives, foreign sources, newspapers and magazines. We embark on a journey with the documentary “Watching The Shadow / Controversial Firsts in Turkish Cinema”, going from stop to stop just as the Lumiere brothers’ train... We ask questions at some stops and sometimes we change the names of the stops...


After finishing her graduate studies at Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture, she started her journalism career at Hürriyet Newspaper’s “Sunday” supplement and continued as editor and coordinator in various magazines and television companies such as Tempo, Nokta Publications-Arkitekt, TRT, Coliseum Life, Karaf Magazin Wine and Life Culture. She earned her Master’s and PHD degrees at Marmara University’s Cinema-Television Department. She participated in national and international festivals, including Ankara Film Festival, with two documentaries she shot (Like a Venus / Bedia Muvahhit and Paris Apartment). She produced and presented the programs "Hayal Feneri" and "Pencere Önü Çiçekleri " at TRT Istanbul Radio. Dr Yıldırım wrote and published “Doğan Kuban- Bir Rönesans Adamı”, “Edebiyatçı Mimarlar Antolojisi” and “ Evvel Zaman İçinde” which she prepared with Burçak Evren in 2014. continues as Associate Professor at Maltepe University.


Gölgenin Seyri-Türk Sinemasının Tartışmalı İlkleri (2021), Selimiye Cami – Selimiye Mosque/ Doğan Kuban (2007), Çoban Yıldızı - Like a Venus / Bedia Muvahhit (2000), Paris Apartmanı, Paris Apartment (1996)


Film Poster