Milan Veber, a 40-year-old unemployed art teacher, has been without a job and, of course, also chronically broke for quite a while. He lives in a cheap small studio apartment that he rents in what used to be a lively working-class quarter of an industrial city, feeling too young to grow old and too old to start over – until the moment when he wants to open a can of beef stew after a night of drinking. At that point he looks through the window and sees a bull in the street. A bull who has just escaped from the slaughterhouse. The director Bojan Labović got the idea for the film when he saw footage of a fleeing bull that someone filmed with a phone anonymously. This very anonymity was the reason why the director started pondering the per - ception of the escape rather than the escape itself, all the more so because of the fact that the bull’s tour of the city streets ended with its public execution – that is, with a death sentence because of its passion for freedom and life


BOJAN LABOVIĆ (1961) graduated in documentary film and screenwriting from the FAMU (cz). He is the author of a series of documentary and live-action documentary films, TV series, TV programmes, and various stage productions.


Partisan Priest (2015), A Portrait of Vlado Sruk (2014), A Portrait of Bruno Hartman (2012)


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