Living with her mother at a home resembling a bell glass like-world, Sema, an inconsiderate woman, devoted herself to her career. Like many people, she holds prejudices. One morning she goes out to work. She inattentively walks towards a wall vandalised with a cross, a flower-selling woman and a Somalian watch-seller. She only has the brilliants showcased at a jewellery store in mind. Unable to reach her mother by phone at a hotel in a suburb of the town, Elena, starts walking to the bank after borrowing money from Salih to transfer money to Russia. Elena walks in the streets where Sema just passed by. She also takes care of the daughter of the flower-selling woman and chats with the Somalian watch-seller. Sema arrogantly moves ahead of the crowd at the entrance of the bank where she works. During the day, it is only her work that she focuses on. Elena enters the same bank. She raises her voice after a bank clerk refuses to help her. While at first Sema does not concern herself with the problem of Elena, she later considers it necessary to intervene. In that moment, Sema suffers from heart trouble and collapses. Elena comes forward and saves her life by performing a heart massage.


Filiz Yıldız was born in Eskişehir in 1964. She completed primary and high school in Eskişehir. She received her Master’s degree in Public Relations and Ph.D degree in Cinema Studies in 1995 and 2021, respectively. Between the years 1989 and 2018, she worked in private sector. She worked as a visiting lecturer at Maltepe University and Plato Vocational School of Higher Education (Plato Meslek Yüksek Okulu). She is the producer of the films, Arkadaşım, Umuda Yolculuk and Son Bedrettiniler. She acted as a playwright and actress for Tiyatro 34718. Her short story titled “Kedi” was published as a chapter of the book titled “Hayale Sığan Şeyler”.


Arkadaşım, Umuda Yolculuk, Son Bedrettiniler


Film Poster