The story is set during the summer, in a small Skopje area, around the playground and the outdoor basketball court. The protagonist PEPO (16) already 3 summers in a row is hoping, longing and trying to play on the better side of the basketball court, where the net is, and where the older guys play their hard and tough streetball games. After many attempts, obstacles and failures to get into the First league streetball game, not only that he’s been mocked by the older players, stubborn Pepo betrays his friends.


Although he wishes to consider himself as a cosmopolitan from planet Earth who doesn’t recognizes nationalities, skin color or religion, Dimitar Banov is born 1979 in Skopje, Macedonia. One quarter of his life he studied, worked and wondered abroad, mostly in USA, Greece, Kingdom of Thailand and the Czech Republic. He has a Bachelor of Science in Journalism (University of St. Cyril and Methodius – Skopje), post graduate degree in Film Directing and an MFA in Screenwriting, both from the prestigious Film and TV Academy in Prague – FAMU. From his first job as a sports journalist, most of his career revolves around writing. Currently Mr. Banov works as a screenwriting teacher, screenwriter and a film director. Most notable are his scripts for the children TV series Petko 5+ Family and Give Us Music for the Macedonian National Television, and his short films which he also directed. Apart from films, he is a big sports fan.


Clover (2006) Trio Fantasticus (2007) Love is a Ride (2008) The End (2014) Basket (2020) Ognenoski (2022)


Film Poster