Three women cope with issues of control over their bodies, tradition and adoption. They have not set out to change the world, but their struggle to become mothers makes them unlikely heroines. Three stories set in Macedonia - one medieval, two contemporary - exploring themes of love, trust and motherhood.


Manchevski’s acclaimed Before the Rain is considered “one of the greatest debut feature films in the history of cinema” (Annette Insdorf). The New York Times included it on its list “Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made”. It won the Golden Lion in Venice, Independent Spirit, an Academy Award nomination and 30 other awards. “Manchevski continues down his distinctive artistic path” (Hollywood Reporter) with the award-winning features Dust (which opened Venice 2001), Shadows, Mothers, Bikini Moon, Willow, an episode of The Wire (HBO), a number of award-winning experimental films, and several books of photographs, essays and fiction. “His work stands out in world cinema for its unique way of playing with space, time and emotion” (Keith Brown). “His unique blend of experimentation, poetry, emotion, and a demand for the active participation of the viewer in the construction of meaning are highly praised.“ (Conor McGrady).


Willow (2019), Bikini Moon (2017) Mothers (2010), Shadows (2007), Dust (2001), Before The Rain (1994)


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