This contemporary story takes place in a Balkan village where the old and the new, the traditional and the modern, eastern and western, all intertwine. Ilir, a young Albanian man from Macedonia who migrated to France, has decided to marry a French woman by the name of Sabine (perhaps out of love, but perhaps also to secure his residence permit). Because of legal issues (Ilir entered France on a fake visa) he must return to his native village to marry. This seems like a great opportunity for him to see his family again after seven years of absence and for Sabine to learn more about his roots. However, their surprise visit quickly turns sour when Ilir’s father, a traditional old man, realizes that his son has returned only to marry some foreign woman and then leave again, thus breaking the promise he once made to a girl from their village.


Kastriot Abdyli was born in 1972 in Kumanovo, Macedonia. He holds a Bachelor’s degree (BFA) in Acting from the State University of Tetovo, in Macedonia; a Master’s degree (MFA) in Directing from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Kosovo in Pristina, a BA in Economics from the University of Kosovo, and a Master’s degree in International Marketing from Globus College in Prishtina, Kosovo. He has directed several documentaries, dramatic films and TV shows.


Return (2010), Scanderbeg (2011), Waiting (2013), No one to write general (2015), The Return (2018), Scanderbeg in Skopje (2020), “Perhaps..”“Maybe” (2022)


Film Poster