Nermin moves to Germany with her 3 daughters in 1963. She works as a tailor in factories and a chief cook for years. Despite the difficulties of a single mother and an immigrant she struggles to exist and build a future for her daughters. Her biggest daughter Sevim has been chosen as Miss. Turkey in a beauty competition and settles in Istanbul. Her middle daughter Serap works as an accountant in big fruit market leaving two sons behind after her death due to cancer. Her little daughter Sevtap lives alone in Stuttgart. She sees a long-lasting psychological treatment because of depression.


Director & Producer based in Istanbul, Turkey. She was born in Germany. After graduated from the TV and Cinema Department of the Marmara University, she went on to continue her studies in UK, where she completed a scenario education at Birkbeck University and MA in Documentary at the Brunel University in London. Her first documentary “Don’t Tell My Mother That I’m Going to Beirut” (2007) awarded as the Best Turkish Documentary Film by SIYAD and screened at many film festivals. Since then, she has been producing and directing documentaries. Dîdem Sahin was chosen as a director for “Berlinale Talent Campus” in 2010. One of her documentaries 'My Ali Sami Yen' (2011) awarded as the Best TV Documentary in FICTS International Sport Film Festival. Her most remarkable film 'Winter of Discontent' was screened at Al Jazeera Documentary Film Festival. She has been a jury member of Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards since 2016. 'Bitter Sweet' is the first creative feature documentary of her.


Turkmens (2018), The Camp (2016), The Tournament (2016) The Shadow of Ebola (2015), Brikama (2014), Gamze Bulut (2014), No Sochi! (2013), My Ali Sami Yen (2011), Lady Mukhtar (2009), Don't Tell My Mum That I Am Going to Beirut (2007)


Film Poster