Goran Marković has shot more than 50 documentaries and 14 feature films so far. In general, we can easily say that he is known as the opposition artist of 'every government in power'. This is perhaps best emphasized by the words of him: “Every patriot should love his country creatively.” He is considered one of the most important representatives of FAMU or Prague Film School, which is among the most important film schools in the World and in former Yugoslavia. On the other hand, he wrote the book "There Is No Such Thing As FAMU". In the book, he clearly and in detail shows why he thinks the way he does, based on his own experiences, and does not use the title just to attract attention. His experiences in Prague had a profound effect on his art, as he would later say. The common denominator of all his work is the disgust for any type of totalitarian regime from his student years in Prague. The time they spent in Prague gave Marković and his colleagues the opportunity to evaluate and better understand their homeland from different perspectives. When he left Prague and returned to Belgrade in 1969, he received an offer to act in Lordan Zafranović's first film. His first film 'Special Education', which he shot in 1977, received great acclaim in the cinemas where it was shown in Yugoslavia. Goran Marković has become one of the most important representatives of Yugoslav Auteur cinema as a result of his career spanning more than forty years. As a perfect opposition artist, he lives in Belgrade and continues to shoot films. Listening to cinema and FAMU from Marković, one of the most important directors of Europe, who has taught at the Belgrade Academy of Dramatic Arts (FDU) for decades and has incredible cinema experience, is an indispensable golden opportunity for Turkish cinema lovers and future filmmakers.