One evening, two friends, Sarp and Demir, decide to play chess in their house. There are certain rules before starting the game. No matter what happens, no one will take their eyes off the game. They put themselves to a sort of test of their attention. Phones ring, messages come as soon as they come, doors knock but they don't open. After a while, the electricity is cut off. Sarp lights the candle he took with him just in case, and they continue the game, the phones continue to ring and doors continue to ring, but no one has any intention of opening them, but they will be left with a lifetime of guilt because they do not answer these phones and doors...


Doğuş Can Dalkıran was born in 1997 in Istanbul. Due to his interest in cinema from his high school years, he completed his education in Istanbul Kültür University in 2017 by entering the radio, cinema and television department. He took an active role in the school's drama club for two years. He has directed and scripted many short films in the field of cinema. He also took part in some projects as an actor.


Bener ( 2019 ) , Trace ( 2020 ), Know ( 2019 ), See What You Live While You Don’t See ( 2019 ), Concantradet ( 2020 )


Film Poster