During a coronavirus epidemic, a young couple use their day off to take Mar on a day trip to canyon. Mar is girlfriends elder sister with ASD. Along the way, they will try to process the emotional the situation they found themselves in. As their world sways pressed by external influences and internal crises, Mar with them exists as a separate world. Her world is pure and terrible at the same time because it is unknown…


Born on April 20th, 1996 in Nikšić, Montenegro. Completed undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Drama Arts, Cetinje. Interested and experienced in working in all forms of multimedia productions. He has experience in directing, screenwriting, production, editing… During the studies he has directed five short fiction films, two short documentaries, music videos and commercials. Participates in production of many films (mostly student films) as 1st, 2nd AD. Films which he directed were screened at many international film festivals. Among those films „Someone Else“ achived greatest success. Film was in selection of over 20 film festival such as: Fribourg International Film Festival, BBB, Arte Mare, Filmski Front, Linea d’Ombra Film Festival… „Someone Else“ won awards for best film in student competition of Arte Mare, best short film at Brač Film Festival and best regional indie film at MikroFAF. Milorad was part of selection comittee for 12th Balkans Beyond Borders


No Image (2016), Last Days of August (2018), Someone Else (2020), Myths of Durmitor (2021), MAR (2022)  


Film Poster