Zana and Tina, two young girls, are university students and share a living room together. They are hooked on social media and spend most of their time connected to a mobile phone. Zana, also makes special photo sessions to create the virtual life she desperately seeks. Even the people she is related to and who she believes are important, rich and successful, in reality are also fictitious and non-existent people. Zana even organizes teaching sessions on how to create a virtual image of a person. She subordinates Tina and draws her into her world. Tina is in a dilemma. Although she tries to follow Zana, she also tries to learn and acquire knowledge in the field of science that she studies. When Zana's fantasies about virtual life and social media cross the boundaries, Tina opposes her by letting her know that she is there to learn and become someone with knowledge. She warns Zana that with her way of thinking, they will not be able to continue together.


Born 12.12.1997 in Prishtina - Kosovo. She is a Kosovar Director and Scriptwriter. She's worked on a number of shorts films. She has graduated on the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, brunch of film directing - Prishtina University. She also has graduated on the Toronto Film School – Film Production, Canada. Lorena Sopi, has worked in various international projects as a screenwriter, editor, producer and director. Lorena Sopi's short films has been screened at more than 150 International Festivals such as Cannes, Oberhausen, London, New York, Salerno, Jakarta, Mumbai, Istanbul, etc. Lorena Sopi's films has won over 60 international awards.


Tempest (2021), Hitchhiker (2019), Shoemaker (2017), Impressions (2016)


Film Poster