A reputable cardiologist is sent unexpectedly into retirement. He feels at a loss without his work. However, when returning to his home village to celebrate his mother’s 90th birthday, he learns that the village has been without a doctor for over a year and decides to take on the job of general practitioner. This is the start of his ordeal: after the life of a cardiac surgeon in the city he’s confronted with raw reality, which finally brings him to his knees. But music has the last word.


István Szabó is the best-known and one of the most critically acclaimed Hungarian film directors of the past few decades. In the 1960s and '70s he directed auteur films in Hungarian, which explore his own generation's experiences and recent Hungarian history (Apa (1966); Szerelmesfilm (1970); Tűzoltó utca 25. (1973)). For the public beyond art house cinema, his signature film trilogy consists of Mephisto (1981, winner of an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film and a Cannes Award for the Best Screenplay), Colonel Redl (1984, winner of a Jury Prize at the Cannes Festival and nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film) and Hanussen (1988, also nominated for the Oscars). He made a switch to English-language films with Meeting Venus (1991), Sunshine (1999), Taking Sides (2001) and most recently Being Julia (2004), which garnered an Oscar nomination for actress Annette Bening.


1964 The Age of Daydreaming, 1966 Father, 1970 Love Film, 1973 25 Fireman's Street, 1976 Budapest Tales, 1979 Confidence, 1981 Mephisto, 1985 Colonel Redl, 1988 Hanussen, 1991 Meeting Venus, 1992 Sweet Emma, Dear Böbe, 1995 Offenbach’s Secret, 1996 Steadying the Boat, 1998 Sunshine, 2001 Taking Sides, 2004 Being Juli,a 2006 Relatives, 2012 The Door, 2020 Final Report


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