After an attempt of a suicide of a 11 year old bullied kid, Stela "a shepherd dog" is the only one that can get through him and restore his faith in life.


At age of 10, Stojan began making short art movies with his family Super-8 camera. He graduate at University for management and tourism-Macedonia, and spent his 20’s and 30’s working on advertisements. Over the course of last 15 years of film making, Stojan has gone from low-budget independent short films, than documentaries to working on some of the Macedonian movies. He is recognised at a number of international film festivals with his visual style and working on topics connected with family values and children. Currently employed as a film director in Dream Factory Macedonia.


Stela, Grandfather and Grandson, Touch, Brother for a Day, Beno and Roza, From Where We Came From, Metoh, Flame, Centre of the World-What is Love, Breath Tightens Me


Film Poster